" " 20 Beauty Tips for Girls



20 Beauty Tips for Girls

Girls are very keen to make their faces more attractive softy and lovely. Following are the the most amazing Beauty Tips for Girsl extracted from the world popular Dermatologist experience.

How to have good and attractive skin?

Dermatologist’s skin care tips revealed! 20 Important Facial Care Tips

Are you looking for skin care advice? Professional dermatologists share their best skincare tips, rules they've learned throughout their careers and recommend to everyone.

beauty tips for girls

Below are 20 correct skin care methods and techniques recommended and shared by dermatologists:

1. Understand the skin renewal cycle and maintenance skills

Studies have found that the average person's skin renewal cycle is one month, so the frequency of major maintenance is at least once a month. If you have oily skin and want to use it more frequently, you can do it once every two weeks, and for dry skin, it’s recommended to do it once every two months.

Everyone has a period of time when they are powerless with their skin, so it is recommended that you make good use of facial masks. Or find a professional skin management center for regular facial maintenance. Regular monthly facials will be of great help to your skin. Depending on your skin condition, you have the following options:

a) Clear acne pimples regularly every month

If the acne is mostly on the surface and you are afraid of pain, I recommend the popular painless acne treatment. If the acne is deep and numerous, and there are pimples and pimples, then artificial deep acne removal is necessary.

Process: Remove makeup, wash face and exfoliate - Soften acne - Clear acne and pimples - Calm, converge and soothe mask - Moisturizing and repairing mask (the process includes head relief and essential oil massage on shoulders, neck and hands)

b) Regular monthly moisturizing massage and lifting

For moisturizing massage, you can choose pure hand techniques or tools, such as horn pulling or warm stone facial massage. Some professional skin management centers will use microcurrent equipment to stimulate the activation of collagen or elastic fibers at the bottom of the skin. Makes the improvement of skin lifting and firming more noticeable.

massage beauty tips for girls

1. Pure hand massage: Use essential oils to massage with seven-stage techniques to promote skin elasticity, brightness and firmness.

2. String-plucking massage: Use rose essential oil and unique string-plucking tools to deeply activate the skin, making the skin firmer and brighter.

3. Warm stone facial massage: Use plant compound essential oils with volcanic warm stone massage to feel relaxed and smooth in the fragrance.

4. Micro current massage: Medical aesthetics-like professional technology goes deep into the facial activation points, combined with five-stage acupoint sliding to promote skin activation and beautify facial lines.

5. Firming and Lifting: Expert-level micro-carved water and oxygen vortices purify and regulate the oil secretion of the skin, activate aging skin to restore youthfulness, beautify facial curves, and immediately feel the cleansing, glossiness, smoothness and tenderness of the pores without any pain.

c) Regular use of compound fruit acid for keratin renewal

Mild and effective compound fruit acids can assist in polishing. It uses professional lactic acid, mandelic acid and pyrogluconic acid for painless skin peeling technology. There is no recovery period. After the treatment, the skin will be bright and firm, and there will be no allergic peeling or scabbing. It is 2023 The most respected skin management technology in the beauty professional world.

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2. Moisturizing and repairing at night is more important

If you wake up in the morning and find that your skin is dry, then what needs to be changed is your nighttime skin care routine and more moisturizing and repairing, not the morning routine. Prevention is better than cure. Moisturizing at night is easier than repairing it in the morning.

3. Makeup remover wipes shouldn’t be your first choice for cleaning

Makeup-removing wet wipes may be more convenient than ordinary makeup-removing products, but if you live in a highly polluted city, please do not rely on them to clean your skin. It is better to use makeup-removing milk or makeup-removing gel, and follow the steps to clean your skin.

4. Use different skin care products in different zones

You don’t have to use the same product all over your face. Most people have combination skin. If the T-zone is prone to oil and acne, it is recommended to try using fruit acid products or oil control products on the T-zone, which is prone to oil. It can effectively reduce acne breakouts. Use moisturizing essence or cream on other dry areas. If you have large skin pores, you can also use vitamin B3 and collagen.

5. Need to give skin care products time to absorb.

When you use different brands of products in your skin care routine, give each skin care product 2 to 3 minutes of absorption time so that it will not be diluted or offset by the next product. However, if products of the same series have complementary functions, use them according to the product instructions.

It takes some time for skin care products to be absorbed, and they will be effective only if they are fully absorbed.

6. Be careful about the damage caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun to your skin.

In fact, 90% of fine lines are caused by sun exposure. Sunscreen is the ultimate key to young skin. Remember to use products with SPF 50+ and PA++++. SPF can block UVB, and PA can block UVA. For Asian skin, blocking UVA is the main focus of sun protection! Wear the right sunscreen!

7. Regular, high-quality exfoliation

Regular exfoliation promotes healthy bacterial growth. Harsh exfoliants, on the other hand, have the opposite effect, triggering enzymes that destroy collagen. If it is your first time to experience exfoliation, you can try complex fruit acids for normal skin, tartaric acid or esterified glycolic acid for oily or mixed skin, and mild lactic acid for dry or sensitive skin.

8. Become a good friend with vitamin C

Vitamin C can whiten and lighten spots. Mainly, vitamin C can block the synthesis of melanin, so that skin that may be about to turn dark quickly becomes transparent, and spots can be faded and no longer appear. You can take it in large quantities whether for external use or internal use.

9. Use facial cleanser to sweep away the remaining oil.

It is good for facial cleansing gel or mousse to have bubbles, which can increase the softness and will not cause harm to the skin. However, a large number of bubbles may mean that the active surfactant is too strong and is not good for the skin. Before washing your face, it is best to rub it on your hands first. Do not squeeze it directly onto your face to lather, so as not to pull the skin excessively.

Facial cleanser with excellent softness can reduce friction

10. Pay attention to the effectiveness of facial masks

Facial masks can promote the penetration of moisturizing factors into the skin. Complete the original maintenance procedures, including toner and essence, before applying the facial mask, which will make the mask more effective.

11. r-PGA is currently an excellent moisturizing and water-locking ingredient and can be used frequently.

r-PGA is extracted from natto silk and is considered a kind of plant placenta in Japan and Europe. It is the best moisturizing and moisture-locking ingredient for the dermal layer in 2022 after hyaluronic acid and collagen.

12. Choose effective moisturizers

According to scientific research, the active ingredient AQUAPHYLINE, which is rich in oligosaccharides from wild pansy, can promote the natural process of epidermal moisturization.

13. Incorporate fatty acids into your daily essential supplements

As we age, our skin's oil secretion will decrease, and the skin will use omega fatty acids to produce lipids (moisturizing oils). Studies have shown that supplementing more natural foods containing omega-3 can improve the skin's oil and water balance.

14. Wear sunscreen on any part of your body to block ultraviolet rays

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your ears, hairline, neck, hands, and chest! Let me tell you a secret, if you wear a strapless dress, a dermatologist can know your age.

15. Get an extra pillow for swollen eyes. If you have fine lines or dullness, don’t forget eye cream!

If your eyes are often swollen and bubbly when you wake up, you can place an extra pillow under your head when sleeping. Gravity will help drain water and reduce swelling the next day. Vitamin A is the best ingredient to improve dullness around the eyes and restore bright eyes.

16. Replenish lotion after washing your face

If you have delicate skin, make one simple change: Don't let your skin completely dry before applying your regimen. Skin care products can achieve the best moisturizing effect when there is a little moisture, so that subsequent skin care products can be easily absorbed. So after washing your face, apply some lotion to make your skin moist before applying essence and cream. The steps for using skin care products will effectively improve the moisture content of your skin!

17. Change your sunscreen

Dryness, redness, and tightness are signs that you may need to switch to a higher factor sunscreen. Try a new sunscreen and see if the above problems disappear within a few days.

18. Pay attention to your daily routine and sleep

Daily routine and sleep are always closely related to your skin condition. If it is often irregular, skin aging will begin early!

19. Choose a good diet

Choose high-quality protein and avoid eating or applying foods that can make your skin sensitive to the sun. Of course, drinking more water is necessary! How much water should I drink? It has something to do with your weight~

High quality protein:

a. Tofu - Vitamin B2 can effectively promote fat metabolism in the body and keep the skin moisturized appropriately.

b. Chicken breast - Chicken breast is rich in collagen. Collagen is a protein that plays an important role in skin tissue. It can maintain moisture in the skin, replenish nutrients, and remove old waste from the skin.

Foods whose skin is sensitive to sunlight, such as coriander, basil, celery, lemon peel, mint, amaranth, figs, and carrots.

20. Use whitening skin care products in moderation

Currently, there are many cosmetics and skin care products on the market that contain whitening ingredients such as koji acid, placenta, vitamin C, and licorice extract. Using more whitening products can indeed effectively prevent the formation of dark spots. People who are particularly concerned about dark spots can develop the habit of using such products in morning and evening care. Whitening products are used to prevent and lighten dark spots. You should not go out in the sun unscrupulously just because you apply these products. In addition, avoid using cosmetics from unknown sources, and use products that have passed the inspection and have the brand name of the Department of Health (it will be bad if you rub products containing mercury!). Makeup removal should be thorough and avoid using cosmetics containing halogens and fragrances.