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Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Is it an "impossible task" to prepare a nutritious and delicious breakfast for the child while making noise every morning to urge your kids and child before go to school? Here is a few key nutrients how to prepare Healthy breakfast Recipes.

breakfast ideas for kids

Primary school students eat Healthy Breakfast like this, the most nutritious! "Mom, I can't eat anymore!" "Mom, I don't like drinking milk~~" Is it an "impossible task" to prepare a nutritious and delicious breakfast for the child while making noise every morning to urge the child to go to school? Here I will convey you, a few key nutrients for Healthy breakfast Recipes, and provides three lazy breakfast recipes to make parents happy!

Breakfast is the most important meal for students. If you eat the Healthy Breakfast Food, it can not only promote growth and development, but also improve children's spirit in class, making their concentration and memory superior to others.

It’s not enough to have a full breakfast. Eating wrongly will reduce children’s learning ability

Following aspects are covered in this Blog Post

  • There are two major principles that can be mastered to make Healthy Breakfast Ideas
  • Six Healthy Breakfast or Food Options Most Suitable for Children
  • Use the concept of traffic lights to match food like Green Light, Orange Light and Red Light

Bread, bagels, toast with jam, carrot cake, green onion pancake, sweet potato porridge, and a cup of black tea or iced milk, are these the breakfasts you often prepare for your children? If so, you may have to change your taste. If you take a closer look at the above frequently eaten breakfast options, you will find that these foods are almost all sources of "carbohydrates", some of which contain a lot of refined sugar, and protein sources are extremely lacking. Not only will it cause large fluctuations in blood sugar, you will be hungry quickly, but you will also become drowsy when you are full, which will reduce your learning ability and concentration in the morning class.

There are two major principles that can be mastered to make Healthy Breakfast Ideas and a source of nutrition and energy for children rather than a burden:

Carbohydrate-based, protein essential

Carbohydrates refer to staple foods or starch-rich food sources. It is no problem to focus on these foods, but there must be enough protein sources. It's actually simple, just add a poached egg to bread or toast, or bring an extra boiled egg, and it's good with a glass of milk or soy milk.

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Avoid sugary foods or drinks and replace them with sugar-free or high-fiber drinks

Sugary bread, jam, or sugary drinks are common breakfast accompaniments, but these sugars can cause large fluctuations in blood sugar, which not only affects energy and learning ability, but also makes it easier to eat too many calories and cause obesity. It is recommended to use sugar-free soy milk, barley milk, oatmeal drink, milk, and fresh milk tea instead of black tea or iced milk with too much sugar (there is no milk in iced milk, only creamer, which is oil, not milk).

The following three common Easy Healthy Breakfast combinations (mostly like by Chinese) are recommended, easy to prepare for children to eat happily

1. Whole Wheat Pork Chop Egg Toast + Oatmeal Drink

Whole Wheat Pork Oatmeal Drink

Ingredients: Two slices of whole wheat toast, pork tenderloin, high-calcium cheese, lettuce, beef tomato slices, corn kernels, etc. / Oatmeal drink

How to make it:

1. Add a small amount of soy sauce paste, garlic, sesame oil, and black pepper to the pork belly slices the night before and marinate them in the refrigerator. Prepare the amount of lettuce and put them in the refrigerator

2. The next morning, while frying pork slices and eggs on low heat, wash the lettuce and tomato and rinse them with boiling water

3. Put pork slices, cheese slices and lettuce into the toast, serve with a bottle of oatmeal drink, and the breakfast is quickly completed!

Precautionary Remarks:

1. Try to use original meat instead of processed and restructured meat to avoid unnecessary additives

2. Cheese can provide a source of calcium, but processed cheese slices also lose a lot of nutritional value during processing, and there may be too many additives. It’s okay to eat occasionally, but it’s not suitable for daily consumption

3. Oatmeal drink can provide dietary fiber, delay hunger and avoid constipation.

2. Corn and vegetable quiche + milk

Ingredients: corn kernels, eggs, lettuce, quiche skin / milk


corn and vegetable

         How to make it:

1. Beat the egg and corn and put it into the pot (the egg liquid can be put into the pot first and then add the corn)

2. Cover the omelet before the egg liquid is cooked, and turn it over when the egg is cooked

3. Put vegetables in the middle, or roll up and cut into pieces, and the quesadilla is complete!

Precautionary Remarks:

1. The omelets in the breakfast shop are easy to add too much oil. If you fry it yourself, you can control the amount of oil and check it for your children.

2. The protein source of the omelet is only one egg, so it is recommended to mix it with milk

3. If there are more sources of fiber for breakfast, it can increase satiety and reduce blood sugar fluctuations!

3. Carrot cake with egg + low-sugar high-fiber soy milk

Ingredients: carrot cake, egg / low-sugar high-fiber soy milk

How to make it:

1. Slice the radish cake and put it in the pan. Do not add too much oil. Fry until both sides are light yellow.

2. Add fried poached eggs or scattered eggs according to the child's preference, and it's done!

Precautionary Remarks:

1. It is recommended that if you want to eat carrot cake, you should fry it yourself. The amount of oil added by most breakfast shops is terrible

2. In addition to adding eggs to increase protein intake, it is also recommended to supplement protein with low-sugar high-fiber soy milk, and choose high-fiber to supplement dietary fiber for children who do not eat enough vegetables (avoid if you have flatulence)

Six Healthy Breakfast or Food Options Most Suitable for Children 

Products that do not contain any preservatives should be given to children not only in the morning. People have different ideas about healthy food. In fact, out of the six foods I just mentioned, six should be given to children. The most important thing is the balance. Some children don't like vegetables and some don't like meat. If you have a child who does not eat meat, you should give them vegetables that contain vegetable protein. The balance is how to enrich the flour and rice of the children who eat flour and rice. In other words, it's important to get the same amount of nutrients, such as carbohydrates and protein.

A school lunch project is underway. Schools with nutritionists pay more attention to providing with a balanced diet. At home, children need to be taught to eat breakfast. Not necessarily. Parents want to warn and warn against this. If you don't eat breakfast from an early age, it will become a habit. And at the age of 30 or 40 it means that you will get various diseases. Rather than cooking a fancy meal, you need to balance the right and needed food. Whole grains should be given to the child. Don't add sugar to the taste, just keep it away from sugar.

Children often do not eat meat, eat only rice or eat only vegetables. So how do you substitute protein for a meat-eating child?

meat for children

Beans and legumes are used in many ways to provide meat-like proteins. However, people are more likely to get sick because vegetarians eat only one type of food and do not eat the other. So if you don't eat meat, even if you do eat meat, you need to eat a variety of protein foods. It means that the growth of a child with bad meat is lagging behind others. Because there is a lack of one type of feed. Therefore, tofu, soy, brown beans and eggs should be substituted for meat and mixed with food. In addition, children who do not eat meat should use nuts as a protein. Nuts are very good for children, even if they don't eat meat. In particular, sunflower nuts and Mongolian cones should be provided. These nuts contain a lot of B12, which is good for brain function and physical development. However, over-consumption of nuts is high in fat, which can affect bile function and lead to weight gain.

But don't just use plant-based proteins. It is important to consume the right amount of animal protein. It is more interesting for children to eat if the meat is cut into small pieces and cooked into a beautiful shape. In addition, giving less meat to children, such as milk, dairy products, and cheese, can help ensure the consumption of animal protein.

It is said that newborns are born with cerebral hypertension and diathesis. Does it depend on the mother's diet? How should a pregnant mother eat?

Pregnant women need more nutrients such as calcium and protein, especially iron and folic acid. It is not always possible to take it with food, so it is necessary to take supplements. Generally, if you are planning to become pregnant, you should prepare yourself five months in advance. Once you know what nutrients you are deficient in, you need to make up for them five months before you become pregnant. Lack of any nutrients is very difficult for the fetus. Eating citrus fruits during pregnancy can cause allergies. Generally, allergenic nuts and eggs should be avoided during pregnancy. There are no studies in Mongolia, but there are many international studies that show that pregnant women are more likely to have food allergies if their mothers are allergic. Therefore, pregnant women should eat less allergenic foods. Eat foods rich in folic acid and iron, such as beef liver, green cabbage, and beans. It is best to manage and protect against nausea and constipation during pregnancy. It's best not to eat sugary foods. Sweet foods weaken the immune system. Eating too many sugary foods can make you sick and vulnerable to anything.

What should be given when feeding a baby? How to eat?

It is necessary to teach by eating only one type of vegetable per week. Children are forced to eat new foods several times, as if they were learning a language. For example, for the first time, a liquid in water alone Even boiled porridge. I'll give it to you next week. The next week, give me some meat soup, and then some meat. Seven It's a good idea to make it a habit to eat one type of food a day. Milk and yogurt should be given regularly. The ability to process intestinal milk is highest at an early age. Especially liver yogurt and bacterial yoghurt should be given less and less. Only natural yoghurt with a short shelf life should be used. If the baby is not satisfied with its mother's milk, it can be fed from the age of 4 months. But first go for starchy foods, then meat soups, meats and vegetables. Fruits and berries should be given much later. First, you need to teach them to eat the main foods or the nutrients they need.

People give a lot of yogurt to their children, right? Can yogurt replace yogurt?

Yogurt is not necessary. Especially imported yogurts are not needed. Mongolian yogurt is the best. No yogurt can be stored for two years. However, the shelf life of imported yoghurt is one year. It's interesting what he did and how he kept it for a year. In addition, such yogurts do not contain any beneficial bacteria. It's always made with sugar and flavorings. So it weakens the immune system and accumulates as fat that you don't know where to absorb.

Don't be a slave to taste

Many people say, "Eat breakfast like an emperor." Parents worked hard to prepare a hearty breakfast, but the children didn't pay for it. The nutritionist reminded that the key point is not how much to eat for breakfast, but to eat the right food. The concept of traffic light ingredients can effectively help parents prepare for the development of children.

Failed breakfast strategy: Don’t stuff your kids with foods your kids don’t like Breakfast effective strategy: Use the concept of traffic lights to match food like Green Light, Orange Light and Red Light.

"Mom, I can't finish this breakfast..." Seeing that the child has more than half of the breakfast left, the mother has hit a headache and make worries that the child will not be energetic for school. He Pianpian, director of Montessori Precious Blood Kindergarten, observed that children’s appetites are not as big as adults imagine, and they don’t eat much in the early morning. If the breakfast is not finished for more than 30 minutes, it is ruled out that the child does not concentrate on eating. It may be that the breakfast portion exceeds According to the appetite of the child, parents can reduce the amount in due course, about half of the adult's amount is enough. "For example, if parents want to eat a serving of pork chop and egg toast and a glass of milk in the morning, children in the first class of the kindergarten and the lower grades of the elementary school only need to eat half a serving of pork chop and egg toast and half a glass of milk, and they will be almost full." Teacher Pianpian shared her experience.

Children have food preferences to some extent. If they are given food that they don't like early in the morning, no one will be able to eat it. Such as peanut butter, jam, and meat floss, etc., children like but adults think it is a bit "not OK" ingredients. Li Wanping, a nutritionist at Rongxin Clinic, believes that there is no need to avoid them completely. You can start with the selection of sources and choose varieties with high nutritional value. Jam is optional No pectin or coloring is added, just made with natural fruits and sugar; the same goes for meat floss, you can choose meat floss made from pure meat without added starch.

Wang Yingfang, a nutritionist at Mackay Memorial Hospital, explained that peanut butter is made from nuts and is a better choice than jam. If you don’t eat it every day, it’s okay to let your child change the taste occasionally. However, if you want to choose the original flavor of chocolate, the taste is bitter, and children generally cannot accept it. Therefore, the chocolate sauce that children like to eat has too much sugar added, so it is best not to treat it as a breakfast option.

Whether you prepare your own breakfast at home or buy it from a breakfast shop, you must pay attention to the selection of breakfast ingredients. Children need high-quality protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits for breakfast. Li Wanping believes: "To grasp the nutritional characteristics of ingredients, you can use the concept of traffic lights. Green Light Food can be eaten every day, Yellow Light Food is eaten occasionally, and Red Light Food is recommended not to eat, because Red Light Food is not nutritious enough and will increase the burden on the body. Breakfast for children I don’t eat much, so what food I eat is very important, eating the wrong food is worse than not eating at all.” There are actually a lot of Green Light Foods, and if you arrange and combine them every day, you can have a lot of changes, and it’s not easy to get tired of eating if you have a full score of nutrition.

Wang Yingfang pointed out some common Red-Light Foods: the sauce content of iron plate noodles is too high, the seasoning is too heavy, the breakfast is too greasy, it is not easy to digest, and will cause gastrointestinal burden; sugary drinks such as cola and soda will increase blood sugar It rose instantly, and I wanted to sleep when I arrived at school. Eating high-fat and high-sugar food for breakfast for a long time will not only cause obesity, but also affect children's concentration and reduce their learning ability in class.

In addition, if you use creamer instead of fresh milk for the milk tea that is common in breakfast shops, you should change it to fresh milk tea to reduce the intake of liquid creamer or creamer powder, but you should still be careful of the caffeine contained in tea. The Dong Foundation pointed out that children under the age of 15 are in their developmental period, and it is not recommended to consume tea and beverages containing caffeine for a long time.

As for French fries and hash browns, why are they yellow light foods? Li Wanping believes that potato cakes and French fries are made of potatoes and have some dietary fiber. As for the hamburger meat, which is made from ground meat, there is a problem of high fat, but it still has protein. Nutritionally, it is a yellow light food. If it is a thinner child, it does not need to be strictly restricted. However, if you consider food safety issues, there are many food safety concerns about the production process and additives of ground meat, which are also the key points for parents to consider.

Bread is also a common breakfast option. Some bread looks healthy at first glance, but it hides a high-oil crisis. According to Li Wanping, pineapple, borscht, sea salt and other breads contain "a whole tablespoon" (a plastic spoon for eating out) of oil, accounting for 1/3 of a child's daily intake (children before the age of 6 only need 3 plastic tablespoons of oil). Therefore, in the choice of bread, it is better to choose low-fat and high-fiber types such as plain toast, whole wheat toast and French bread.

Meats such as hot dogs, bacon, and ham, which are common in breakfast shops, are all processed foods, especially hot dogs, which can hardly see the original meat, so they are regarded as red light foods.

When choosing breakfast ingredients, you can refer to the "Traffic Light List of Recommended Breakfast Ingredients". From the perspective of "ingredients", what you need for breakfast is whole grains, high-quality protein, and fruits and vegetables if possible. The best situation is to choose and match from the Green Light Ingredients. The Yellow Light Ingredients can be eaten occasionally, and the red light should be avoided as much as possible. Follow this principle to match breakfast. For example: if you eat peanut butter toast (yellow light) and a cup of fresh milk (green light) in the morning, it is considered a qualified breakfast; Instead, a bad breakfast.