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Live in the Moment Meaning


Is it important to Live in the Moment? Change your perspective on life through mindfulness thinking"

In life, do you also use your mobile phone while eating? Looking at your phone while walking? When working, several windows are opened simultaneously, but not necessarily all of them are related to work and it is simple examples of not living in the present. In order to let you know more about the importance of living in the present moment, below we will introduce the importance of living in the present moment in detail, and also tell you how this is related to mindfulness!

Live in the Moment

Meaning:    What is Living in the Moment

Living includes both physical and psychological levels. The present moment is here and now. Living in the present means that the body and mind are at the same point in time, which is "the present moment." In short, people are where the heart is. If you are here but your heart is somewhere else, you are not living in the present. For example: when you were a child, you were in the classroom but your heart was on the playground; when you enter the workplace, you are working but your mind is on vacation.

What research Says:     Living in the Moment

Harvard University professor Matthew Killingsworth conducted a study on happiness and found from 650,000 research data: "Happiness comes from focusing on moment-to-moment experiences." It means that happiness comes from being in the heart. Research has also found that the proportion of people who are distracted in daily life is as high as 47%! In other words, we spend nearly 1/2 of our daily life living here with our bodies, but our minds are always wandering elsewhere, and we are very used to doing this. Just saying Living in the present is not easier! This research paper is called "A mind wondering is an unhappy mind" and was published in the journal Science in 2010.

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What does it mean to live in the moment?

Four ways to bring yourself back to the present moment!

My purpose of coming back to Malaysia for half a year was to spend time with my family, but after I came back, I found that I was always anxious about things that were about to happen or had not happened yet: such as finding a job, renting an apartment, applying for a residence permit, etc. As a result, I felt that my time in Malaysia was very painful. Because of my anxious state, I was always dominated by my emotions. Apart from being unable to calm down and think about my future, I was also unable to fulfill my original intention of spending time with my family.

When I wanted to delve deeper into the reasons behind my anxiety, I found that all anxiety stemmed from my failure to live in the present moment. And this is also a common problem among modern young people: worrying about the future, regretting the past, and missing the present.

I realized that if I missed this time with my family, I would fall into deep self-blame and regret when I return to Taiwan. So, I decided to practice: seize the moment.

The so-called living in the present is not about having a drink today and being drunk today: you want to lose weight but you eat a lot today, you want to save money but you spend money recklessly today, but you realize that you are neither the result of the past nor the cause of the future. It’s your current self, the one you can control independently.

Don’t recall past glories, don’t regret past mistakes, let alone blindly look forward to the future and live in fantasy

What's 'not' to live in the moment?

The biggest symptom of not living in the present is that your emotions are always restrained by things that are not happening at the moment, and you always think that your past or future self limits your present self.

There are two typical examples of living in the past:

The first one is that I feel that my past self is out of reach now: I couldn’t gain weight no matter how much I ate at that time, many people were chasing me at that time, and I was a core member of the team at that time. This type of person will always be stuck in the good moments of the past, leading to disidentification of the current self or trying to ignore the current state of being inferior to the past.

The second is to deeply connect the present self with the weak self in the past: I was ostracized when I was in school, which caused me to be afraid of society now. When I was a child, I saw my father domestic violence against my mother, which made me not believe in marriage now. My childhood was always used. Comparison has led to my unwillingness to admit defeat now, and the decisions I made at that time have led to my unhappiness now. This is also called rigid thinking. This type of person is unwilling to let go of the past, unwilling to admit that the weak self in the past is different from the current self, and eliminates the opportunity to become a better self now.

The Future

The past brings us experiences, memories, and a sense of déjà vu at that time, but the future is different. We cannot predict the future, so we always rely on our imagination. That's unrealistic fear: when we don't have exact information, our brains fill in the blanks with imagination.

What we are anxious about may not be what is about to happen, but the uncertainty about it.

Take myself as an example. With so many job opportunities, finding a job is really nothing to worry about. My anxiety is: How long will it take for me to find a job? Will I find a job I love? Will the package be revealed during the interview? Is the salary what I expected?

These uncertainties are the anxiety automatically generated by the brain, and they are also the key to us missing the present moment.

Learn The Tricks to return to the Present Moment

Although we cannot control our brains from recalling the past or imagining the future, the past can only be used as a reference and experience, the future is the motivation for our efforts, and the present is what we should pursue.

We should not sacrifice today, but take a long-term view of life, understand how current actions will affect the future, and take advantage of the present.

Delay Worry

What is a lunatic? Lunatic means doing the same thing again & again and expecting different results.

The more idle we are, the more anxious we will be and the more we feel that we are bad enough now. The worse you feel about yourself, the less motivated you will be to do things, and the more you will be idle. The most important thing to live in the present is to get out of this endless cycle first.

The simplest way is for us to delay anxiety. Complete proactive activities such as cleaning your room, planning your schedule, cooking your own meals, etc. to enhance your current sense of accomplishment and help you gradually fall in love with experiencing the present moment.

Make Change

We can select what has happened from what has happened and what has not happened yet, and then classify it into things that can be changed and things that cannot be changed, and finally start with the things that can be changed.

For example: I have gained 5 kilograms, which is something that has already happened and can be changed. So today I should take out the exercise videos that have been stored in my favorites and start taking action and exercising.

Stay Curious

Staying curious can also be interpreted as improving awareness, and it is really a way to solve many problems. By becoming aware of ourselves, the surrounding environment, people and things, we will be able to independently want to explore more. Why do I keep putting things around? Why do I feel like this? Why did this happen? As we become curious about the present moment, we can truly be in the present moment.

Make peace with the Past

Be who you are now, not who you were when you were a kid. Take a deep breath and tell yourself: You are no longer the weak person who allows others to manipulate and bully you. The mistakes you made or chose in the past were the past you who didn't have much experience or ability. And now you have learned from past experiences and have more abilities. You are the better you now.